Roger Keiss

Finalist in Showtime's "Funniest Person in America"; Appeared with Tommy Chong, Jerry Seinfeld, Lewis Black, and Margaret Smith ("Last Comic Standing").;Roger Keiss has been bringing laughter to American audiences since 1987. With almost 20 years in the business, he has a solid grasp of what tickles people. He delivers his observational humor with a manic persona and a body that can't stand still for more than a few seconds. He is most well know for his interpretation of what the letters of each state stand for (IOWA - "Idiots out wandering around"), and has penned a book entitled "United Statements" covering all 50 states. A regular contributor to the nationally syndicated cartoon strips, "Lucky Angler", and "Noogie Elementary", he has also written material for Jay Leno's monologue on "The Tonight Show".