June Colson

June Colson is a comedian, writer, and podcaster from Bowling Green, Kentucky. June aka “June Bug” was born in Indiana and raised in the Bluegrass making her part Hoosier and part she's a Hoobilly who has a lot of unique tales to tell. Her true stories about her momma Moe and daddy Hotdog earned her the prestigious title as Nashville’s 2020 Clean Comedy CHAMPION! She is also a co-host of the award winning podcast Laugh Support! June’s faith in Christ has a huge influence on the cleanliness of her performance, however, one would not consider her style as “churchy”. She is relatable and her material translates well most anywhere: clubs, corporate events, fundraisers, churches, private events, and more. ​June can customize her comedy, presentation, or performance with one or more of the following: standup comedy, humorous speaking, story telling, testimony, emcee work, and a meaningful message. June has performed with some of the best of the best in the industry.

She has brought her talent to non-profits, church events, women's conferences, recovery centers, comedy clubs, and many other unique venues. June Colson Comedy also offers a specific corporate message, "Creative Success!" Where she will share with your organization her journey out of poverty and into entrepreneurial ship through creative thinking and a refusal to be defined by what others said couldn't be done. "Creative Success!" is a valuable way for your team to laugh and learn that creative thinking is much more effective than creating excuses.