Jordan Jackson

Currently on The Drip Tour with Kountry Wayne , Jordan Jackson is one of the opening acts you don’t want to miss. Jackson is a prolific creator who is on the passage-way to fame. Jackson attended Southern Arkansas University in Magnolia, Arkansas with a major in Theatre Arts; where he gained his strengths as a writer, actor, and comedian on the rise. He’s been blessed to be funny without trying. Jackson is the guy who’s always there to make others around him laugh. With the same initials as the legendary J.J. (Jimmie Walker on Good Times), he’s spot on with his impersonations and it’s pretty peculiar that Jordan Jackson and the icon actually favor. J.J. is just one of Jackson’s many characters that he portray in his comical skits but in my opinion “Preacher” takes the cake. Jackson takes real every-day life situations and adds his twist of comedy to it. Going into comedy was inevitable for Jackson. Being recognized for his skills and told by many that he would have an outstanding career in comedy, he perused his dream despite what any neigh-sayers implied. Ultimately, Jackson sees his journey leading to greater success like writing and producing films for the “Big Screen”. His mission is to show that an under-dog is capable of making it to the top. “Stay focused and everything you want will be yours.” -Jordan Jackson