Drew Davis

Drew prides himself on being able to work in all kinds of rooms, and making as many people as possible laugh. Drew’s humor is often considered “Cleanish” or “Edgy Clean.” His jokes do not gravitate towards profanity, but he’ll often address topics that the most squeaky clean comics choose to stay away from such as racism, homophobia, or “bad stereotypes of youth pastors.” (Read between the lines on that last one!) He also finds humor in church stereotypes, his past experiences as a cashier, and all the weird quirks of his body, voice, and personality. Drew will tell you that the audiences that love him the most are the “Church people…but when they’re not sitting in their pews, and can feel comfortable laughing at my jokes without feeling like their Christian friends are judging them.” Drew chooses not to label himself as a “Christian Comic” because part of his testimony involves recognizing the importance of meeting people outside of the Christian Faith, and how that has helped him personally grow as a believer and a person. Drew loves to performs anywhere and everywhere and does just as well in a comedy club as he would at a church or corporate event.